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What is this? Is it a comic? Is it some R P G thoughts and actions?

I heard a comic is just the sum of its parts. So I guess this comic is a:

  • Neon Straw Demon with 2 bites and a claw
  • A very happy entity named drill
  • A condescending reflection spell entity thing
  • A creature you cannot look at
  • What appears to be a T rex and an extremely low fidelity drawing of what also appears to be a person
  • A mesmerizingly happy entity
  • A d4 headed mage?
  • A vampire
  • A shrieking thing
  • A paint splatter mark
  • An undead ram
  • A nice stroll to the park
  • Another t-rex because I have no imagination
  • A cosmic star spiral fish monster
  • A horse that cannot be burned
  • The horse also climbs walls
  • The horse is called hoarse
  • GOD

It’s probably nothing really.

It’s system-agnostic though, so it should work with anything you do it with. I’d suggest DCC, but I always do that… (I hear it's OSE compatible too)

Maybe try It with the new stuff you’ve picked up?

Happy Reading!

— The Author

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GenreRole Playing
Tagsdcc, ose, OSR, Tabletop role-playing game


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I could use this for DCC. I could use this anywhere really. It's monsters. Monstrous and weird and terrible. One is GOD? I'll say this, it does some interesting things with textual meaning and subject position. Plus the art is neat. Reminds me of Sam Pink's Person.