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Stack gang gonna stash you in a trash can, watching-gonna call you a trash man, when you get trashed by the stack gang

  • Trashed, 
    • Trashed, 
    • Trashed, 

You been trashed by the stack Gang

  1. Stack 
    1. Stack 
      1. Stack 

What's inside?

  • D6 STACK GANGS (a group of people standing on each other's shoulders)
  • lists and lists of things that only STACK GANGS can do
  • D33 STACK GANG Magic (yeah, only they can cast it)
  • D6 HEAPS (which are STACK GANGs in piles)
  • The TrashCorps: D3 Trashmen ( who get stuffed in trash cans), D3 TrashCans (to get stuffed into)
  • NEW ADVENTURE "Double Decker"
    • Featuring Flat Ones and their oppressive rulers the Flat Men.
    • Encouters in the Flatlands ranging from awkward to absurd
  • Wandering Monster Tables because every setting needs them

I guess that's the sum of the parts above. It's just a setting book, with background, bestiary entries, and an adventure. 

If none of that seems interesting then this book goes in a trashcan.

that's why it's the trashcan edition

(this was game edited by Jared Sinclair)

PS. when I get around to it an Epub is coming too.


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

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